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Outta sight outta mind

Born with a silver spoon hang’n out your mouth

Cause Mom and Dad, they’ve got that green

The whole world is yours, nothing stopping you

But don’t forget what that really means


There’s a big fucking world out there unlike your own

And everyone's got a story to tell

To speak for someone without a means to understand

Is the ultimate dehumanizing vow


If it’s outta sight, then it’s outta mind

You don’t really care, do you?

Their problems are their own, no effect on you

But you’ll be first to pretend that those lives mean something to you


Just once, I tempt you, to see beyond yourself

Suppress your fractured ego, your petty nature causing dispute


Too far, too late, far gone, two faced

Set forth to speak out

Retreat when called out


Where do you get these notions?

And on what grounds do they stand?

Seems like you’re reaching conclusions, based off of hearsay and manipulative hands


I want you to know it takes friend nor foe to see through the eyes of another

We don’t have to agree, but at least then you’ll see, that there’s always more to the story

We all bleed the same blood, linked together as one


In order for us to see progress you’d best get your head out your ass

There’s a war happening outside your window, and your lack of concern sure looks bad


Tear down these broken ways

Victims of a system that doesn’t care

Insane, this game, is fucking everything

Long have we been needing to make a change


Fixate towards changing

Relate, find balance

Create new order

Rise as one in the setting sun



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