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Hit like and subscribe to the end of your lives and post ‘bout the fun we’ve had

Cuz shit’s go’n down and I’d hate to be ‘round when we’ve crossed the finish line


Those who’ve chosen malice while peace hangs in the balance

Are bound to bring this fucker down, down, down

This planet was flawed by our hand

A Clock Without A Craftsman


And God forgive me 

But if you’re up there

You really dropped the ball

What the hell do we do now?


And God forgive me 

If this was all your plan

We sure could use a new one

It's gotten out of hand

Turned your back on us all

Please help us rekindle hope


Televised hate bringing new faith

Keep it hostile, New World Gospel 

Damned those who speak against their beliefs

Here comes the crowd, sing forth sing loud


Have we all gone crazy?

Or perhaps we’ve maybe lost ourselves inside this god damn fucking nightmare


Ignite the blaze

The pyre recreates a new world over, but that’s really up to you

I wish we could 

Learn to be understood

But we’re just so hard headed

I don’t really see a way


Inside each of you is a means

To do good by your fellow man and it 

Seeks to save this world from destruction


Doomed are we who choose not to see beyond this existence and these futile bonds

Dread a fate far closer than not, this may be our last chance to turn the tide


Cold and dark these dreary days linger on

Closed our hearts to ourselves

Gone the days of understanding

Soon we'll cease to love at all



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